Why training and what is certification?

Why Training?

Level 1 training is the absolute minimum requirement for a Thermographer to gain a thorough understanding of what they see through the IR lens. Training through a reputable organisation will ensure that the thermographer is trained to ISO 18436-7. This ensures your work is carried out to the correct standard.

Advanced Infrared Resources Australia conducts training to ISO 18436-7 developed by Mr Wayne Ruddock of Canada who is a 35+ year veteran of teaching infrared. Go to www.irtau.com.au for more information

What is Certification?

Carrying out training is an excellent step in the right direction, however, third party certification such as that provided by the AINDT takes into account training and practical experience to ensure the thermographer is in fact, using the course regularly to gain the valuable experience required to become and continue to be, a Thermographer

All Infrared Inspections and Technologies Thermographers are trained to a minimum of Level 1 and are, or are in the process of obtaining Cat 1 certification through the AINDT.

Check the AINDT Condition Monitoring Certification Search page to see if your thermographer not only has a certificate, but is certified.


Infrared Inspections and Technologies remains committed to continual training and improvement for all employees to ensure we deliver the highest standard of results.